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Buying a Snorkel Mask

Nowadays, more and more people are drawn to the excitement brought by snorkeling. This is the reason why many people who go to tropical islands for vacations or for their holidays consider a complete set of snorkeling gear as one of their vacation essentials.

Among the three main pieces of snorkeling equipment, special attention must be given to your snorkel mask since it is more expensive and important in ensuring your safety and enjoyment. Carefully stored gear can be used on these rare occasions, just make sure that your mask, snorkel, and fins are free from any damage over the winter.

Keeping your mask in good condition is possible, just make sure that you follow the maintenance and storage guidelines that come with them when bought. Before use, make sure that the lens is free from any cracks and its straps free from signs of rust, wear or tear.

Among the pieces of a snorkel set (snorkel, snorkel mask and fins), it is the mask that allows you to maintain clear underwater vision, making it possible for you to explore the diving area’s diverse marine life and amazing coral reefs. With its silicone or rubberized skirts molding into the face to create an airtight seal, preventing water from seeping inside the mask.

In the past, older versions of snorkel mask used rubber for their straps and skirts. Thanks to the advancement in technology, high-tech materials are now used to manufacture high-quality masks. New materials such as silicon and other modern rubberized materials ensure longevity and air-tight reliability features.

With that in mind, never even consider buying non-silicone masks. The same thing applies with the mask lens. Make sure you choose a tempered glass lens instead of a plastic one since it will break easily. Invest more in quality for it entails safe and long-term service that complements your snorkeling.

If you happen to be one of those people who are considered as “blind as a bat” you can bring your prescription lenses to a dive shop and order a custom made snorkel mask. When the word “custom made” easily rings “expensive” to your ears, think again. It is actually not that expensive. While a conventional masks costs an average of $50 – $100, you can get your prescription lens for an additional cost of only $30 approximately.

Diving mask lenses usually come in three increments of 0.5 diopters. Although not an exact copy of your prescription glasses, ordering custom lenses for your mask is a wise decision, allowing you to enjoy more details of nature’s underwater treasures.

If you ask any snorkel enthusiast, they will agree that when choosing and buying a great snorkeling mask, quality should come first. While certain mask are available for as low as  $15 or $20, relatively high-quality masks can be bought in the $30 – $40 price range. Top of the line masks can cost as high as $80 a piece.

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Taking Care of your Snorkel, Mask, and Fins

In doing any activity, having the complete and properly working tools will greatly influence your comfort. The right equipment can even increase our efficiency a lot. Similarly, having a good set of snorkeling mask, snorkel, and fins will be great in ensuring enjoyable and safe diving experiences.

The snorkel mask and fins are the three things that make up a complete set of snorkeling gear. To be able to remain comfortable in wearing them, make sure that they are properly used, cleaned and stored.

Here are some of the pointers that may help you keep your mask snorkel set and fins in good condition:


Silicone has replaced conventional rubberized materials for manufacturing new designs of snorkel masks. This allows the mask to easily mold or conform to the shape of your face, achieving a reliable seal under water. Compared to rubber which tends to harden and become brittle with age, silicone is a material that is more flexible, and lasts longer.

However, caution must be used when storing the mask. Make sure that you thoroughly rinse off all saltwater from the mask with cool or lukewarm freshwater so as keep it looking and working like new. Make sure you store your mask in a dry and cool place, out of direct sunlight. Invest in a protective box or case to protect it from any form of damage – especially if you plan to take a long break from snorkeling.


Snorkels refer to the tube that is attached to the snorkel mask that delivers oxygen to your mouth via a mouthpiece. Usually, this tube is maintenance-free. However, it is wise to make sure that no seawater plant or plankton remains get stuck into the tube or you may swallow them. Keep it in its original shape by practicing correct storage procedures. Like other diving gear, the snorkel tends to wear out and become damaged with age. Just make sure that it isn’t already damaged when you use it as a diving safety precaution.

Snorkels are usually attached with a mouthpiece, snorkel keeper and purge valve. For mouthpiece maintenance, make it a habit to regularly examine the tabs that are used to hold them in place. Repeated use may eventually damage the mouthpiece. Thankfully, direct-fit replacements are conveniently available.

When you are having problems with your snorkel keeper, have it immediately repaired. Never go underwater with problematic equipment. Remember to keep this equipment dry to prevent it and its components from breeding mold or mildew.


Just like any other snorkeling equipment, make sure you wash the seawater off your fins. Use lukewarm or cool freshwater to do that. Keep it from direct sunlight to prevent premature cracking or breakage. Among the three diving essentials, the fins are the most abused. That is why careful attention must be given to their maintenance.

Aside from correct usage, proper storage and maintenance is essential in handling all your equipment. Also, keeping them in good working condition will result in significant savings, eliminating the need to buy new set of equipment whenever you go on a tropical vacation.

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Good Snorkel Mask Makes a Difference

Skin diving or snorkeling is a great way to spend time in the tropical islands! Snorkeling is all about underwater adventures. That’s why it is important to use the right gear whenever you are given the opportunity to explore undersea treasures during vacations and holidays.

Since this will be your primary vision underwater, using a good snorkel mask can make a whole lot of difference. Not only that it keeps you comfortable while doing your undersea explorations, it also ensures your safety in the sea.

Among all your equipment, choosing the best snorkeling mask is probably the most important. You have to consider the snorkel mask’s fit and comfort. Avoid buying a mask that is too big or too small for you. This is determined by the spaces and gaps between the mask and the shape of your face or head. Insist on having to fit the mask before buying it so that it won’t allow water to seep in while you are out in the sea. This small feature can make a lot of difference. Just hoping for the mask to fit right is not good enough to ensure your safety and enjoyment while diving.

When you are going to buy a new mask, go to a dive shop. There you can find a rack that exhibits various designs and brands for swim masks and snorkel masks. Take time to compare prices, materials and quality.

When you are ready brush your hair out of the way so you can firmly push the mask into your face. If the mask stays on unsupported, then you have found a good fitting mask, since it has a good seal. At this point, you may consider the comfort aspects of the product. Is it comfortable to use? Is it so hard on your face that you feel like being punctured every time it is fitted or used?

Before getting too committed to a particular mask, consider other factors such as field of vision and strap quality. The strap is as important as the mask since it holds the mask on your face in strong currents and waves.

A good mask creates a reliable seal. It must have a stiff body that ensures a snug fit to your face. This can also be achieved if it has soft and flexible skirts. Ask your diving buddy to fasten the straps. Most divers agree that it is better securing the mask as well as snorkel this way, allowing your diving gear to be correctly and comfortably positioned.

Before diving into the water, it is important that you make sure that you have correctly and securely positioned your snorkel mask relative to the snorkel tube. Make sure you have checked your diving gear for signs of wear and tear and other forms of damage that might cause water to leak or disrupt air flow.

Never forget to apply a defogging solution on the mask, so as to prevent fogging when water temperatures and currents suddenly change. All these troubles are worth it as they ensure a safe and exciting adventure for your snorkeling experience.

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